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Case management, billing, and accounting solution for attorneys on Mac
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Benefits of Using TimeNet Law

Pays for itself, guaranteed.

We're so sure you'll love it, we fully guarantee your satisfaction. If TimeNet Law doesn't increase your billable hours, improve your productivty, and substantially decrease the time you spend billing every month, we'll refund your money within 90 days of your purchase, no hassle. It's as simple as that.

Power without the learning curve.

checkmark Simple and intuitive. TimeNet Law is designed to keep you focused and get out of your way.

checkmark Powerful and flexible. Advanced features are easily accessible, just neatly tucked away.

checkmark Built-in timer makes tracking time easy and accurate. Easy to use means you'll use it, which means more billable hours captured.

checkmark Track billable and non-billable time and see a comparison. Make adjustments accordingly to maximize your firm's revenue.

Cloud Convenience

Cloud features, risk free.

With TimeNet Law, your data is always on your hard drive. This is important. It means you can always access your data, no matter what. You aren't renting access to it on a server somewhere across the world.

While you can choose to keep your data only on your own computer, or only on your own local network, you also have another option.

We leverage industry-leading syncing services that will always keep your data on your machine, while also keeping everything synced up with multiple computers, automatically. Here's how it works.

Use any of the following free syncing tools:

Dropbox     Dropbox

Microsoft OneDrive     Microsoft OneDrive

iCloud     iCloud Drive

TimeNet Law is compatible with many other cloud syncing services as well. Setup is a breeze — simply tell TimeNet Law which service you're using, and you're ready to go.

checkmark Work from home, work from the office, work from anywhere. Always synced.

checkmark Completely live networking, even across multiple countries.

checkmark Your data is yours. It's always on your hard drive.

The convenience of cloud is clear. However, there are important questions to ask before adopting a fully "In-the-Cloud" system. For example:

?   What if I want/need to work and I don't have internet access?

?   What if there is a service outage and I need access to my client data now?

?   What if the company storing my data goes out of business or is otherwise inaccessible?

?   Is it safe to have my firm's confidential client data stored only online?

?   How do I backup my data, and most importantly, will I be able to access it outside of using their website?

TimeNet Law makes the choice easy. Your firm can be fully networked and completely synced through the cloud, with your data safely and automatically backed up offsite. Your data is always on your computer, no extra services needed. You can track your work without internet access - as soon as you're connected again, everything syncs automatically.

Comprehensive and trusted.

We’ve been gathering feedback and perfecting our software for over 11 years. We've worked hard to meet the needs of most users, but if you have any feedback or suggestions, we're listening! TimeNet Law is always getting better, and it is all thanks to people like you.

We love to hear from our customers. You can send feedback to us with one click right from within the TimeNet Law application, or you can use our website anytime. Feel free to get in touch!

Send Us Your Feedback

First class support.

If you have any questions or problems, we are just an email or phone call away. We respond quickly, and we're always happy to help.

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Why rent when you can own?

With TimeNet Law, not only is your data stored on your hard drive, so is the application itself. Pay once, and you have access forever. There are no costly monthly fees, and you can rest easy knowing that your data and your software is yours forever.

Optimize your law firm.

Quickly see vital information about your firm. Know where your time is spent, track trends, and predict shortfalls in cash flow.

checkmark See which clients owe you money, and which are the most profitable.

checkmark See all overdue invoices, and take action with one click.

checkmark Compare task entry dates vs. billed dates. See your turnaround time and always know if something slips through the cracks.

The Client Report, Aged A/R Report, and Aged Work in Progress Report make it easy to find the information you need quickly.

checkmark See which client has the highest and/or oldest unpaid balance.

checkmark See which client has the most write offs or mark downs.

checkmark See which clients you’re most financially invested in.

checkmark See which matters are over budget, or getting close.

checkmark See which billable work has not been billed yet, broken down by age. Always know if billing falls behind.

The Timekeeper Report gives you insights into your timekeepers, broken down by client, by matter, and for any date range.

checkmark Timekeeper billable time, non-billable time, and amounts.

checkmark Timekeeper productivity & revenue.

checkmark Timekeeper origination - know how many clients each timekeeper has brought to your firm.

Keep your clients happy.

When clients call to request information, you need answers for them fast.

checkmark Create reports and perform searches quickly, even with huge amounts of data thanks to TimeNet Law's Turbo Report Engine.

checkmark Filter and customize report results and generate beautiful PDFs or export the results into a spreadsheet for further fine tuning.

checkmark Split large payments between invoices easily. Lookup payments instantly and provide clients with simple color-coded ledgers.

Instantly create easy to read invoices and reports.

checkmark Simply input your time and go.

checkmark When payments come in, record them into TimeNet Law.

checkmark TimeNet Law keeps track of everything accurately.

checkmark No more embarrassing and potentially costly mistakes. No more lost billable time.

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