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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are TimeNet Law's system requirements?

TimeNet Law runs on any Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and is fully compatible with Sierra. Some features require Mac OS X 10.6 or newer.

Do I have to be online to use TimeNet Law?

No. TimeNet Law is an application that lives on your Mac. You can use it with or without internet access. All data is stored locally, unless you sync your database with a cloud service.

How does TimeNet Law's networking work?

TimeNet Law can operate in a networked environment by sharing its database with other users via a file server, a shared folder, or a syncing service such as Dropbox.

TimeNet Law does not need to be installed on a server computer, and there is no server license to buy. Simply tell TimeNet Law to work on a network, select the location for its database, and all copies of TimeNet Law will be automatically synced.

More information can be found in the Networking Guide  

Is TimeNet Law a one-time fee?

Yes, TimeNet Law is a one-time fee! We do not charge monthly fees, and you'll get free updates and priority support for one year. When the year is up, you can renew your license for another year of updates and priority support, or you can continue to use your old version — it's yours to keep forever.

Any modules purchased for your firm only need to be purchased once, and will be available to all copies of TimeNet Law running on your network.

How do I backup my data?

By default, TimeNet Law automatically backs up its database once a day. Backups are time and date stamped and stored in any location you choose, including iCloud or Dropbox for automatic off-site backup.

If you are running TimeNet Law in a networked environment, each computer will save its own duplicate backups for additional safety.

TimeNet Law is fully compatible with Time Machine built-in automatic backup, and most 3rd party backup solutions, including Backblaze and CrashPlan.

It is strongly recommended to have Time Machine or off-site backups of your computers.

Questions About Features

Does TimeNet Law perform conflict of interest checks?

Yes, TimeNet Law allows you to track associated, conflicting and neutral parties, and performs automatic conflict of interest checks.

Can I control how my invoices look?

Yes, TimeNet Law allows you to customize how your invoices look. You can set the font, add a logo or text header, control which columns appear, and choose exactly what information will be displayed on your invoices.

You can also customize columns, logos, headers and footers, and more on a per-client or per-category basis.

Can TimeNet Law create invoices for all of my clients at once?

You bet! One Click Billing will show you all work in progress, and allow you to bill for everything at once.

You can use date filters, timekeeper filters, group filters, client filters, matter filters and more to bill exactly what you want in bulk.

Does TimeNet Law have spell checking built in?

Yes, TimeNet Law has full spell checking built in — any fields where data can be entered will show misspelled words by highlighting them in red.

Can I import my data from my previous billing system into TimeNet Law?

We cannot directly read the databases of most billing systems, but if your old billing application has an option to export its data (into text, csv, excel, etc.) then we can most likely import it into TimeNet Law. There is a small fee for the import, and it can vary depending on how much data needs to be imported.

Can I split billing between multiple parties?

Yep. Just enter the parties into your matter settings, and set each party's percentage of responsibility for the billing. TimeNet Law will automatically generate multiple copies of the invoice for each party with the proper balance due, and can track payments made to a single invoice by multiple parties/vendors.

Can I organize and bill my clients by group?

Yes, TimeNet Law allows you to organize clients and matters into groups, and bill for just those groups. Reports also have group filters.

Can I track origination?

Yes, you can set a percentage of revenue to allocate to each timekeeper. This can be set at the client level or by matter.

Can I bill my clients with contingency billing?

Yes, TimeNet Law allows you to configure matters with full support for contingency billing, under most agreed upon arrangements.

Can I bill my clients for flat fees?

Yes, TimeNet Law allows you to set any task to an hourly rate or a flat fee rate.

Can I set and track budgets for my client's matters?

Yes, TimeNet Law allows you to give each matter a set budget. You can then see at-a-glance how close you are to reaching the ceiling of that budget, and react accordingly.

Can I schedule automatic deposits to a client's retainer?

Yes, TimeNet Law lets you set up a client for auto-deposit. Simply select the frequency of deposit, amount, and whether the deposit arrangement has a cutoff date or continues indefinitely.

Can I schedule recurring fees on a client's matter?

Yes, TimeNet Law lets you set up a matter for automatically recurring fees. Simply set the amount and name of the fee, and every new invoice will automtically include the fee.

Can I create LEDES invoices?

Yes, TimeNet Law has complete support for LEDES98B invoice delivery. All ABA Task & Activity Codes are built in as well.

Can I give users different permissions within TimeNet Law?

Yes, the TimeNet Law Control Center allows you to set permissions for every user, including client- and report-specific permissions. The Control Center also keeps track of every change made in the system, when it was made, and who it was made by, giving you a full audit trail.

Is there an iPhone or iPad version of TimeNet Law?

A TimeNet Law mobile app for both iPhone and iPad is in development.

Can I use TimeNet Law for scheduling?

TimeNet Law does not have a scheduling feature. It does, however, integrate with Apple's Calendar app, allowing you to schedule meetings and other events for users through your shared calendars, and then import events and tasks from the calendar instantly into TimeNet Law to bill the client for them.

Can I use TimeNet Law for document management?

TimeNet Law does not store your documents, but you can link any files or folders to your matters — these files will remain where they were on your hard drive, and are not brought into the TimeNet Law database. TimeNet Law remembers where the files are on your computer/server and allows you quick access to them.

Can TimeNet Law integrate with QuickBooks?

TimeNet Law does not currently have direct integration with QuickBooks, however any TimeNet Law report can be easily copy-pasted or exported into QuickBooks.

Can TimeNet Law print checks?

TimeNet Law does not have the ability to print checks at this time.

Does TimeNet Law support multiple currencies?

Yes, TimeNet Law can handle many different currencies. Clients can have different currency settings and rules for international billing.

What about multiple taxe rates and other requirements outside of the US?

Yep, TimeNet Law can do that too. Robust support for international currencies, number formats, tax rules, and more, so you can take your firm worlwide!


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