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Backup Guide

TimeNet Law automatically makes backups of your database. These backups are easy to recover from and are an added measure of security against data loss.

It is also recommended to use Time Machine, or another backup system to ensure that you have multiple backups on multiple drives.

Each backup that TimeNet Law makes is stamped with the date and time. They are stored in the following location:

~/Library/Preferences/TimeNet Law Data backups

You can quickly get to this folder at any time by selecting File > Show TimeNet Law Backups.

If TimeNet Law is running on multiple computers in your office, each individual computer will be making their own complete backups as well. This way you have additional backups of your full database on multiple hard drives. This double-safety virtually makes data loss a thing of the past.

Manual Backups

You can manually backup your database whenever you like by selecting File > Backup Data. This is a complete backup and can be put on another drive, a server, a thumb drive, or anywhere else.

Learn how to restore from a backup with the Restore from a Backup Guide.

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