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Testimonials & References

TimeNet Law is used by thousands of attorneys, private investigators and legal professionals all over the world. Solo practitioners, small firms and large firms alike love the ease-of-use and powerful features.

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Randy Singer, MacAttorney

Randy Singer, co-author of The Macintosh Bible, attorney in Sacramento, and moderator of MacAttorney, curates a list of Mac time tracking, billing and case management applications in order of popularity among Mac-using attorneys. TimeNet Law is #1.

Phil C. Beverly, Jr.

"I have been an Apple user as a lawyer since 1985. Needless to say, I’ve been through thousands of apps, dozens of different OS iterations, and more vendors than you can imagine. Billing on a Mac was never simple – until I hooked up with TimeNet Law a few years back. The developer took my specific needs, made them work, not only like a charm, but as they should work on a professional level.

TimeNet Law has been recommended by me to my fellow Mac lawyers, and unlike so many other “recommendations”, no one has ever come back and complained – instead, each has thanked me for getting them in touch with this software. So once again, from me to you, thanks for all you’ve done, do, and continue to do!"

Mark W. Breneman, Breneman Law, PLLC

"We find that Timenet Law has reduced our twice-monthly billing time from several hours to several minutes compared to Amicus, and I think Amicus was already a great improvement over previous applications. TimeNet Law is making us money by improving our efficiency."

Joel Silverman, Silverman Law Office, PLLC

"A big selling point for our purchase of TimeNet Law for the Mac was the support available. Perry has been fantastic in helping us get the program up and running in our office, as well as making program changes to accommodate our firm’s specific needs such as uploading our logo, networking and personalizing the invoicing. Being able to get a response in short order when experiencing computer problems is critical for our business. We would recommend this billing software for any law firm."

Jonah B. Kimmelstiel, Law Offices of Jonah B. Kimmelstiel, LLC

"Thanks for the prompt replies and your dedication to making this software amazing. It is really changing my law practice for the better and I am proudly advising my colleagues who also run their practices on Macs to get TimeNet Law. Keep up the good work!"

Guy David Chism, Esq.

"TimeNet Law is an intricate part of the start up of my law firm. My clients all receive a very professional bill that competes with the 'big boy Firms' but I retain control of the look and feel and I get to seal the envelope myself. They never taught us in law school how to even begin to open or develop a law practice so it was trial and error. Thankfully, I did not have to look far for your product and it worked perfectly the first time!

TimeNet Law is truly superior and should be introduced to all new lawyers just starting up their practices!"

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Richard J. Figura, Esq., figuralaw.com

"I am a sole practitioner who just switched from Windows to Mac this summer. I had been using Timeslips for years, but they did not have a Mac app. After reviewing and testing several programs, I finally settled on TimeNet Law. It is simple, user friendly, easy to use and the support is great."

William W. Lewis, III, Finch & Campbell, LLP

"My firm with 6+ timekeepers uses TimeNet Law and I have been well pleased with this system. Timekeeping for lawyers is challenging in and of itself, much less on a Mac platform. The developer is extremely responsive and has been very helpful with any transition questions any of my users have had. I highly recommend this software!"

Keith D. Greenberg, Esq, Impartial Arbitrator and Mediator

"I have to tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the software and how responsive you've been to my feedback. I've used Macs just about exclusively since my dad brought home a Mac Plus when I was a little kid, and it's great to find developers like you who develop outstanding software that have let me keep using the Mac for business."

Russ Smith, Managing Principal R.F. Smith & Company

"I am penning this for the purpose of commending Perry Fjellman of AppleSource Software. In the recent past this firm purchased TimeNet Law. After running into some problems, due to our unique billing situation, we worked with Perry to rectify said issues. His professionalism, followup, followthrough, and sheer tenacity solved every issue. Further, he possesses a rapidity of comprehension and attention to detail seldom seen, not to mention his highly developed interpersonal skills. His ability to talk to non-technical people unfamiliar with the program, is most gratifying. He brings great credit upon himself and AppleSource Software.

I thank Perry for turning an extremely disheartening situation into a useful experience. TimeNet Law is a much improved billing system compared to our 15 years of using Timeslips."

Kacey Miller, Courtroom Logic Consulting

"We currently use TimeNet Law and LOVE it! The developer actually implemented a bunch of my requests about a year ago to make it much more similar to Timeslips, and it now has all of the required features we need. I especially like the easy (and pretty) interface, the fact that it has a desktop timer, the ability to "no charge" an item (but still have it show up on the invoice so clients see the value of what you're giving them), and the ability to have multiple timekeepers at multiple rates. TimeNet Law seems to have unlimited space for the entries so you can be as detailed as you want to be.

The developer is extremely responsive and open to suggestions. Great support!"

Andrew S. Mathers, Attorney at Law

“I did a lot of research on billing programs for my law office. I ultimately purchased TimeNet Law. I am a novice with computers and software. I am also very meticulous and picky. I am 100% satisfied with TimeNet Law. I have recommended it to other attorneys in our town. It is easy to use and the technical support is without a doubt the best."

Jony Holt, RONIN IT

"I handle the IT for many law offices in the central valley (West Coast). I recommend TimeNet Law to all of my lawyer's employees. It is a great product and it is constantly being fine tuned. It's amazing."

Eric La Fleur, Mahtook & La Fleur

"I use TimeNet Law, and it is very impressive. This is a great application and will serve Mac lawyers in a much needed area: Mac law office billing. It has all of the features that we need and a developer who is genuinely interested in our suggestions."

Dan Pingelton, Pingelton Law Firm

"I've been testing several billing programs for months now. Here's what I've found: some crash a lot, others are OK but lack critical features or have other issues. Then there's TimeNet Law - the best Mac program I've seen by far."

Mary Keating, Keating Law

"I sent out last month's bills using TimeNet Law. I am phasing out Timeslips, too, which I've used for 14 years. I used the manual to get me going, it is really a quick learning curve, it keeps escrow balances, unlimited text on your slips, and (wonder of wonders) a responsive vendor, as in email back the same hour with helpful info. I recommend it!"

Tres Lewis, Private Investigator

"I am an Apple using Paralegal and Private Investigator. I have been using TimeNet Law for more than 5 years. I have watched the continued improvements and growth of the software in its robustness, quality and utility.  In the event you have a problem you will get rapid assistance from the developer Perry Fjellman.  I have recommended and do recommend this program to anyone who is on a Mac computer who is looking for time and billing software. I am very pleased with TimeNet Law."

The verdict is in. See for yourself why so many people love TimeNet Law.

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