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Do great work & get paid fast.

TimeNet will help you save time, make more money, and keep your clients happy. The intuitive and powerful interface makes it easy to track clients, projects, employees, billable time, non-billable time, fees, expenses, taxes, discounts, partial payments, late fees, mileage, foreign currencies, to-do lists, and more. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Use TimeNet's reports to quickly see vital information about your business. TimeNet integrates with Contacts and Calendar. It is fully networkable, and supports Dropbox so you can get work done from anywhere.

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Feature Highlights

Built-in Timer. Make sure you're billing for every second. Pause a timer, your time is automatically rounded. Resume a timer, it starts from the actual time, not the rounded time. Walk away from the computer, TimeNet offers to deduct your idle time. Simple.
Track Everything. Clients, employees, billable time, non-billable time, fees, expenses, taxes, discounts, partial payments, late fees, mileage, foreign currencies, and more. Everything you need is at your fingertips.
Beautiful Invoices. Extend your brand identity to your invoices with TimeNet's gorgeous and fully customizable invoice templates. Over 20 beautiful pre-packaged templates are included, and you can easily customize them, or design your own for complete flexibility.
Reports Galore. Flexible reports with beautiful graphs show you everything about your business. Save them, print them, or copy and paste them.
The Client is King. Import clients from Address Book/Contacts, group them together for efficient management, set custom tax rules and rates, full foreign currency support with automatic conversion, and much more.
Work as a Team. TimeNet is fully networkable. Share your data through your office network, or get the benefits of anywhere-access with Dropbox. No extra software to buy, 10 seconds to set up.
Made for Mac. Sync with Contacts and Calendar, backup with Time Machine, and control timers from the Dock or menubar. Retina ready! TimeNet was designed for your Mac, and it shows.

    TimeNet 4 requires OS X 10.7 or later.

    TimeNet 4 is completely compatible with macOS Sierra! If you need TimeNet on OS X 10.4 - 10.6, TimeNet 3.9 is still available.

$49 per license
NO MONTHLY FEES — the software is yours to keep forever!

Discounts available for bulk licensing.

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Beautiful Invoice Templates

TimeNet comes with over 20 invoice templates featuring clean layouts and beautiful typography. Each one can be completely customized, or you can build one from scratch for total flexibility.

TimeNet Invoice Templates

Check out the Invoice Template Library to see all of TimeNet's built-in templates.


Main Window


Project Window



To-Do Window

Overdue Bills

Buzz Me!

Global Timer

More Great Features

To Do Tracking
Stay on top of your workload with due dates. Set their priority, and link them to projects.
Buzz Me!
TimeNet's Buzz Me! personal assistant will remind you of important tasks. Get buzzed at a specific time, or in a set number of minutes.
Lightening Fast Data Entry
Keyboard shortcuts everywhere, intelligent date fields let you type things like "today" or "tomorrow", and common date ranges can be set with the click of a button.
Client Groups
Organize your clients into groups, and filter your main window and reports to any group. Crank up the efficiency.
Quick Entry Shortcuts
Setup a list of common tasks, and then use the list when creating new entries. TimeNet can even remember items as you enter them for quick re-entry.
Fully Networkable
Share your database on a local server or with Dropbox. If someone makes a change, it's automtically updated on everyone's computer.
Project Stages
Track your projects through stages of completion. Show only projects that match any stage.
Track Non-Billable Time
Keep track of all of your time. Show non-billable time to the client, or keep it hidden for your own internal tracking.
Global Timer
Control your timers from any application, even if TimeNet is hidden.
Start timing a new task immediately, without needing to open or create a project first.
Track Employees
Assign any task to an employee. Enter your employee's payment rate and instantly see profitability of each employee.
Powerful Filters
The main window, Manager window, and reports let you filter by client group, project stage, project status and more.
The Manager
See overviews of projects and work with them in bulk. Mark them paid or unpaid, archive or unarchive them and create invoices from one or multiple projects.
Quickly find exactly what you need with TimeNet's powerful QuickSearch.
Notes and Files
All projects and all tasks let you enter unlimited notes. Link files to specific tasks and TimeNet automatically opens the right file when the timer starts.
Enter advance payments per project, and have them appear automatically on invoices.
Archive Projects and Clients
Hide old projects and clients. They'll be out of your way, but can be included in reports. Easily make them active again if you need to.
Apply Discounts
Apply flat discounts or percentage discouns to your projects.
Multiple Currency Support
Set your currency, and set your client's currency. Currency format can be customized per client, and conversion rates can even be performed automatically on invoices.
Autosave and Autobackup
TimeNet automatically saves your projects as you work, and makes a full backup of your database everytime you quit. It's all automatic!