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01. More Money in Your Pocket

Access the built-in Smart Timer from anywhere. Automatic time rounding keeps things clean. With time tracking this fun and easy, you'll actually use it. Which means you will make more money.

TimeNet will increase your billable hours and productivity. We're so sure you'll love it, we fully gaurantee your satisfaction.

If you don't love it, we'll refund your money. It's as simple as that.

02. Get Powerful Simplicity

Simple and intuitive. TimeNet is designed to keep you focused and get out of your way.

Powerful and flexible. Advanced features are readily available, just neatly tucked away.

Built-in timer makes tracking time easy and accurate.

Track billable and non-billable time. See where non-billable time is being spent and make improvements.

03. Have Happy Clients

TimeNet makes it easy to give your clients consistent, easy to read invoices and reports.

Perform searches quickly, even with huge amounts of data. Filter and customize reports so you can give your clients the information they need fast.

Eliminate disputes by having a complete record of your time spent. Free-form notes allow you to get as detailed as you (or your clients) want for each task.

What Can TimeNet Do for You?

TimeNet can be as simple or comprehensive as you need. Most features are optional and unobtrusive, but they're there when you need them.

Track Time Like a Pro

Make more money by billing for every second. Start a timer from anywhere. Pause a timer and time can be automatically rounded. Resume a timer and it starts from the actual time, not the rounded time. Walk away from the computer and TimeNet offers to deduct your idle time. Simple.

  • Control the timer with the global menubar or Dock icon
  • System-wide keyboard shortcuts
  • Automatic Rounding
  • Idle Time Detection
  • Track billable and non-billable time — both are important!

Organize Your Business

Every client is a folder. Inside the folder are the projects. Invoices are created from projects. Clients can be put into Group drawers for organization. Clients and projects can be made inactive to reduce clutter. Easy.

  • Track projects through stages
  • When payments come in, record them into TimeNet
  • TimeNet keeps track of everything accurately
  • No more embarrassing and potentially costly mistakes
  • No more billable time slipping through the cracks
  • QuickSearch everything instantly find what you need

Beautiful Invoices & Estimates

Extend your brand identity to your invoices with TimeNet's gorgeous and customizable templates. Over 20 beautiful templates are included, or you can design your own for total flexibility.

  • One click, instant invoice
  • Completely customizable
  • Simple tag system makes designing your invoice easy
  • Create estimates from your templates as well

Get the Big Picture

Flexible reports with beautiful graphs let you quickly see vital information about your business.

  • See which clients owe you money, and which clients are most profitable
  • See which categories bring in the most money
  • Track trends to increase the efficiency of your business
  • See where employees are spending time, and which employees are most profitable
  • See all overdue invoices, and easily take action
  • Create mileage and other tax reports

Manage Clients with Flexibility

Different clients have different needs. Set custom billing rates, tax rules, rates, and currency settings. TimeNet handles foreign currencies and numeric formats, and can even do conversion rate calculations automatically.

  • Import clients from Contacts on your Mac or iPhone
  • Group clients together for easy management
  • Customize billing, tax, and currency rules

Networking Done Right

Share your data through your office network, or get the benefits of anywhere-access with Dropbox. No extra software to buy, 30 seconds to set up. And you have complete control.

Want cloud convenience? You got it.

TimeNet integrates with Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other cloud sync services. Work from home, work from the office, work from anywhere. With anyone. Always synced.

Important Questions to Consider with Cloud Software

What if I want/need to work and I don't have internet access?
TimeNet lets you work away, even away from the internet.

What if there is a service outage and I need access to my client data now?
With TimeNet, your data is always on your hard drive.

What if the company storing my data goes out of business or is otherwise not accessible?
TimeNet isn't going anywhere, but even if it did, you own the data and the application forever.

How do I backup my data, and most importantly, will I be able to access it outside of using their website?
You get the idea.

You can track your work without internet access. As soon as you're connected again, everything syncs automatically. Your data is on your drive, is easy to backup and always accessible.

Don't want cloud? No problem.

TimeNet also supports sharing data through a local network or shared folder, so you can work in an office without needing to store your data with any third parties. Complete privacy.

Made for Mac

TimeNet is an application that lives on your Mac. Because it isn't a web app, you get great functionality like power-user keyboard shortcuts, full access even without an internet connection, and native support for all of the great macOS technologies built-in to your computer. TimeNet was designed for your Mac, and it shows.

  • Sync with Contacts & Calendar
  • Automatic backup with Time Machine
  • Control timers from the Dock or menubar
  • Retina ready

Beautiful Invoices

Fully customizable.
See Invoice Templates


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Upgrade to TimeNet 4

Already have an older copy? Upgrade now for only $20!

Happy Customers

TimeNet is loved by thousands of professionals all over the world. See what just a few of our happy customers have to say.

"After testing different time tracking, billing, and invoicing software, I downloaded the TimeNet trial and purchased a licence a few hours later.

I haven’t looked back. The software is incredibly easy to use and contains some great features."

Ben Costello — Scholos

"I've used 'em all, I think, these time recorders, these invoice makers. I've been really disappointed; too disjointed, no invoicing, no expense tracking, arithmetic error prone... then I found TimeNet. Logic, research, and response pays off! I use TimeNet every day. It has cut my billing time by 60% and all is well!"

Charles Haynes — Graphic Designer

"I want to publicly thank you for all your repsonsiveness to my support questions. In the last year or so, I have come to rely so much on TimeNet. As a free-lance writer, all I have to sell is my time... When an application is critical, it's really important to know that you have good support behind you! :)"

Cathie Cush — Freelance Writer

Loaded with Features

Lightening Fast Data Entry

Keyboard shortcuts everywhere, intelligent date fields let you type things like "today" or "tomorrow", and common date ranges can be set with the click of a button.

Quick Entry Shortcuts

Setup a list of common tasks, and then use the list when creating new entries. TimeNet can even remember items as you enter them for quick re-entry.

Smart Timer

Control your timers from any application, even if TimeNet is hidden. Automatic rounding, idle detection & system-wide keyboard shortcuts.


Start timing a new task immediately, without needing to open or create a project first.

Client Groups

Organize your clients into groups, and filter your main window and reports to any group. Crank up the efficiency.


Share your database on a local server or with Dropbox. If someone makes a change, it's automatically updated on everyone's computer.

Project Stages

Track your projects through stages of completion. Show only projects that match any stage.

Track Non-Billable Time

Keep track of all of your time. Show non-billable time to the client, or keep it hidden for your own internal tracking.

Buzz Me!

TimeNet's Buzz Me! personal assistant will remind you of important tasks. Get buzzed at a specific time, or in a set number of minutes.

Track Employees

Assign any task to an employee. Enter your employee's payment rate and instantly see profitability of each employee.

Powerful Filters

The main window, Manager window, and reports let you filter by client, group, project stage, project status and more. Find what you want fast.

To Do Tracking

Stay on top of your workload with due dates. Set their priority, and link them to projects.

The Manager

See overviews of projects and work with them in bulk. Mark them paid or unpaid, archive or unarchive them and create invoices from one or multiple projects.


Quickly find exactly what you need with TimeNet's powerful QuickSearch. Search the entire database or limit your search to a specific scope.

Notes & Files

All projects and tasks let you enter unlimited notes. Link files or folders to specific tasks and TimeNet automatically opens them when the timer starts.


Enter advance payments in projects and have them appear automatically on invoices.

Archive Projects and Clients

Hide old projects and clients. They'll be out of your way, but can be included in reports. Easily make them active again if you need to.

Apply Discounts

Apply flat discounts or percentage discouns to your projects.

Multiple Currency Support

Use any currency and numeric format. Currency formats can be customized per client, and conversion rates can even be performed automatically on invoices.

Autosave and Autobackup

TimeNet automatically saves your projects as you work, and makes a full backup of your database everytime you quit. It's all automatic!

Everything Under the Sun

Flat fees. Hourly fees. Expenses. Multiple tax rates with fine-grain control. Automatic late fees. And so much more. TimeNet has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are TimeNet's system requirements?

TimeNet currently runs on any Mac with OS X 10.7 or later, and is compatible with Sierra. TimeNet 3 is still available for older systems, and runs on OS X 10.4 or later.

Do I access TimeNet through a website?

No. TimeNet is an application that lives on your Mac. You can use it with or without internet access. All data is stored locally, unless you sync your database with a cloud service.

How does TimeNet's networking work?

TimeNet's database can be shared through a file sharing server or a shared folder. For remote access or larger teams, your database can be synced with Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other free cloud syncing services.

TimeNet does not need to be installed on a server computer, so there is no server license to buy. Simply tell TimeNet to work on a network, select the location for its database, and all copies of TimeNet will be automatically synced.

Is TimeNet a one-time fee?

Yes, TimeNet is a one-time fee! We do not charge monthly, and you'll get free updates for any point release. When major updates are released (for example from 4.0 to 5.0), we may charge a small fee to upgrade, but you can continue to use your old version — it's yours to keep forever.